Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Indianapolis Super bowl 2012

Indianapolis Super bowl 2012

Super bowl 2012 will held at Lucas Oil stadium, Downtown, Indianapolis, Indiana. This stadium was opened in 16.08.2008 construction started at 20.09.05 cost is $720 million and its architected by HKS, Inc. Seating capacity is around 63000-70000. Super bowl 2012 will start at Sunday Feb 5 2012. The ticket cost is around $2000 to 10000$.

Seats are splited like below
Field Suits-8
Super Suits-12
Semi Private-200

Indianapolis Stadium have two scoreboards each one 97 ft wide and 53 ft tall directions are NW and SW corners of the stadium. So, Audience can enjoy the HD of Super bowl 2012.


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